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About Us

Logic-ology is more than a broker network, it is the evolution of Logistics, bringing together the various service elements of Supply Chain to fit both the immediate and future requirements of our customers and business partners.
A true Asset-Backed model, from all modes of Transportation to Warehousing & Distribution, with offices and facilities across Canada and the USA, we are proud of the award-winning Single Source services and solutions we provide.
As the newest member of the Stryder Group of Companies, Logic-ology is proud to be the proponent of the expansion of our Logistics Division to better suit our customers and widen our global reach.


Our Corporate Philosophy is a very simple one… Teamwork from all avenues, generates efficiencies at all levels. It is the foundation of our workplace environment and guides us when establishing our protocols and business practices. It is both our immediate expectation and our continuing goal. It provides our people a clear directive whether dealing with our valued business partners, or each other. It plainly states our policy of mutual respect and our intolerance towards discrimination in any form.



To continually challenge industry status quos, in building better solutions.



To continually provide value through leadership and innovation to all stake holders, clients and partners.


Asset-Based Logistics Company

The Science of Supply Chain starts with formulating Solutions from Industry Knowledge. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Industry Experts who can conquer every solution to your Supply Chain Problems. Our services are a combination of Transportation, Warehousing, and JIT distribution. Our primary goal is to become a One-Stop-Shop company for Freight, Warehousing, and Distribution. With the endorsement of over 500 fleet trucks and warehousing space through our parent brand, Stryder; transactions are simplified and expedited. Taking the logic behind our Supply Chain Solutions and combining it with our experienced industry experts we have formed a brand that delivers you on-time delivery, outstanding customer service, and a superb consolidated service model to better suit our global customers.

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We work with a wide range of Distributors who carry out all the logistics work and planning. We ensure that our customers are not faced with the necessity of relying on more than one source. Find all the solutions with Logic-ology. With our main target markets being North America USA, Mexico and Canada, setting the pace with our clients and throughout the logistics industry has been successful for over 30 years. Logic-ology provides a one-stop-shop for freight, warehousing, and distribution, and supply chain services logistics solutions.


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We are your One-Stop-Shop for all things Supply Chain. Contact us to find out how we can help you formulate the solutions to your logistical problems.

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    FAST (Family Assets Supplied Transport)

    We carry our own transport assets, therefore simplifying and expediting the entire logistical process.

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    International Service

    With offices across the United States and Canada we will work with you to find you solutions in your region.

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