Fuel Discount Program

Most recently, our industry has been hit hard by rising fuel costs, which are directly impacting your margins. Whether you’re an owner-operator of a single truck or a company owner overseeing a fleet, higher fuel costs translate into more money spent at the pumps and fewer profits for your business.

As industry veterans, market volatility is something we’ve come to expect. However, the recent, unprecedented rise in fuel prices has made it challenging for many to stay afloat.

Through our partnership with Chevron Canada we are happy to extend our discount to help save your business money. The next time you fill up, you can save $0.075 from every liter of fuel purchased if you choose to join our partner program. You can register for this program by downloading the application through the link below.

We want to thank you for your excellent service and we’re excited that we can offer you this program as a symbol of our appreciation for all you do.


Download the Fuel Application Now