How Do Heat Waves Impact the Supply Chain?

The summer heat wave of 2023 has arrived, and the effects are being felt in the form of wildfires, droughts, and sweltering forecasts. If you’re running to find shade or a pool to cool off in, there’s a good chance that the scorching temperatures are also impacting your supply chain in more ways than one. Here are 5 examples of how heat waves can pose challenges for the logistics industry and the movement of your goods:

Without cold storage controls, the interior of a trailer can quickly turn into a giant oven, damaging the fragile cargo inside. Food, beverages, plastics, flowers, and even medicines can be spoiled with even the slightest shift on the thermometer during transit. Temperature-controlled vans and warehouses are the solution for when goods need to stay fresh and cool during a heat wave.

During extended periods of hot weather, the risk of natural disasters increases. Wildfires can quickly turn roads and highways into dangerous hotspots, rendering them inaccessible. Droughts can also have a big impact on the supply chain by damaging crops and drying up agriculture reservoirs, slowing down production of various goods. Critical waterways can be shut down temporarily as well, stranding ships and creating significant delays for freight.

Ever left your cell phone out in the sun for too long on a summer day? You probably know what happens, and the same result can happen to your logistics technology when it’s scorching outside. Air conditioning systems, GPS modules, scanners, sensors, and similar equipment are vulnerable to overheating, breakages and lagging when dealing with red-hot weather. Working with a reliable, proactive logistics provider with temp-controlled offering will help mitigate these problems for you.

It isn’t just heavy rains and snowstorms that can stall your shipments. Heat waves can cause serious delays when trucks malfunction for a variety of reasons related to excessively hot temperatures, like tire blowouts, overheated engines, or lost fluids. Get ahead of these issues by working with a 3PL provider with a trustworthy track record and a safe, modern fleet that won’t crumble under the sun.

Many shippers will be searching for cold chain solutions when it starts to get scorching out, and the added stress on carriers with temperature-controlled offerings will be noticeable in the form of higher prices and added costs. Demand can skyrocket, so plan accordingly before the next heat wave and get ahead of the competition.
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